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Butterfly Valve

Sell Butterfly Valve in Medan

Butterfly Valve is a quarter turn used to regulate flow. Metal discs on the valve body are positioned perpendicular to the flow in a closed position, and rotating a quarter of a turn becomes parallel to the flow in a fully open position. Medium rotation allows for regulating fluid flow. They are often used in water and wastewater treatment applications and are one of the most common and well-known types of valves. Union Technick Sell Butterfly Valve In Medan, which has several advantages, small and, when driven pneumatically, open and close very quickly. The disc is lighter than a ball, and the valve requires less structural support than a ball valve of comparable diameter. Butterfly Valve is very precise, which makes it profitable in industrial applications. Reliable and requires very little maintenance.

Butterfly Valve can be configured to operate manually, electronically or pneumatically. Pneumatic valves operate fastest. An electronic valve requires a signal to the gearbox to open or close, while a pneumatic valve can be a single or double drive. A single activated valve is usually set to require a signal to open with failsafe, which means that when the power is lost the valve returns to its fully closed position. The unmoved double pneumatic valve is not loaded and requires a good signal to open and close. Automatic pneumatic Butterfly Valve are both reliable and durable. Reducing wear increases the valve life cycle, which reduces operating costs lost in working hours to maintain valves.