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Ductile Valve

Customers of all types of industries need valves of all varieties for their high demand processes. Valves are available in a large number of materials for any application imaginable. Some of these materials are PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron and ductile iron. In this case Union Technick sells Ductile Valve in Medan, the Ductile Valve is a more modern iron alloy made with nodule-shaped graphite. This provides excellent material tenacity, so it won't break when bent. The temperature limit is slightly lower than cast iron, but still quite high at 1350F (730C). When it comes to pressure, the Ductile Valve also uses pressure classes: 150 and 300. At standard outdoor temperatures, grade 150 ductile iron keeps the seal up to 250 psi. Class 300 can last up to a pressure of as high as 640 psi.
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